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Who can have personal Training?

Personal training is for everybody, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro in the gym, personal training can benefit us all.  Our clients here at Peak contacted us for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • General weight loss – Summer/Winter Holidays
    Sports specific training
    Medical reasons
    Technique correction
    Pre and post natal exercises
    Motivational workouts
    To avoid burnout or the gym ‘plateau’

How often should I have personal Training?

The honest answer is that every client is going to be different. Some have one, two or three sessions a week, Some every other week or even one a month depending on personal goals which we’ll discuss during your free initial consultation.

Can I have personal training if I am not a member of the Gym?

Yes if you planning to visit Greens or the Tennis club, but no if you visit The Village or Wood Hall. Of course any additional visits to Greens or the Tennis club to use the gym facilities would require a membership or one off payments per visit.

Do I need to have used gyms before to have personal training?

Not at all, part of the service offered is to train each client regardless of fitness levels, age, previous gym experience, or exercise knowledge. We strive to pass on our extensive knowledge to our clients so that once your goals have been achieved you can carry on training at the high standard achieved whilst working with our trainers.
I am not used to working at a high intensity, how hard will I be working?

We initially assess clients to establish your Fitness and working heart rate levels. After assessment we know your limits and never let you do anything we believe to be out of your comfort zone or too strenuous.

If you have any more questions we will be more than happy to answer them just send us an E-mail on the ‘Contact Us’ page.